Welcome to Basic and Applied Sciences (BAS) Institute at Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST). It is true that E-JUST started with the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences consisted of three Engineering schools and BAS institute. As a matter of fact, Basic Sciences is the backbone behind all industrial applications and thus plays key role for all Engineering programs.

Specifically, BAS Institute is offering four interdisciplinary research programs that include: Nanoscience, Biotechnology, Applied and Computational Mathematics and Energy Materials.

The BAS institute mission is to prepare our students to be leadership in the development and implementation of system−wide strategies to facilitate collaboration across different research disciplines; and definitely to achieve excellence in interdisciplinary graduate programs related to both Science and Engineering.

We are committed to enhance our existing curricula and to develop new programs that will continue to give our future alumni a competitive edge.

We expect our graduates to be passionate scientists who are committed to improving the quality of human life in Egypt through knowledge and technology. I look forward to working with creative, passionate and curious students. I also welcome the opportunity to learn from you. Let us together build on the tradition of academic excellence. BAS Institute and staff look forward to welcoming you.

Best wishes.

Prof. Mohamed Mokhtar
Dean of Basic and Applied Sciences (BAS) Institute